Scuba Cat IDC

Instructor Con Ed - MSDT Internship

The PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) internship will combine the MSDT and Instructor training that is required to give you the teaching experience you need.

Finding work as an instructor is very rewarding, yet the more qualifications you have the more likely you are to find the ideal dream job.

We will provide you with advanced knowledge in five of the Specialty areas and can include instructor level certification in these areas too.

A versatile and vital part of the PADI professional internships, we will help prepare you as a new instructor by providing you with the teaching experience that you will need should you wish to pursue a career in the scuba diving industry.

The opportunity to gain that experience and obtain the 5 PADI Specialty Instructor ratings will set you keenly on the path to have the confidence, knowledge and skill to teach without the direct supervision of a Course Director.

Through two whole months worth of training, we will help you develop your ability to teach, we will help you with basic yet vital sales and marketing skills, and will send you on your way with a strong resume that will help you stand out above the rest.

You will at first work under direct supervision, which will be by our experienced instructors. We will assist you with your own teaching skills, giving you confidence to teach. You will leave us with valuable knowledge and expert tips to take your career further and gain the responsibility associated with the MSDT rating.

Scuba Cat Diving is one of the very few Dive Centres in the world to offer this program, in a ideal setting.

Included in this package:
At least 25 PADI student certifications
5 Specialty Instructor of your choice
Specialty lecture given by our PADI Course Director
Master Scuba Diver trainer process with PADI
Unlimited diving
PADI fees included and 5 PADI Specialty outlines
2 month accommodation

Possibility to extend your experience after the 2 first months.

The price for this package is 78,485 Baht