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Scuba Cat IDC Testimonials

>> "greatest experience in my life"
Joanna-Grace Rausa

Scuba Cat was the greatest experience in my life. I had the chance to Learn so much more than a course. At Scuba Cat, we learn from everyone, also, from the customers. There are so many good instructors and I've learned from many.

Course director, amazing how he can explain the most difficult things in easy ways.

The boss, Sarah Kench tried to help me for everything. She don't even ask if I needed help, because she knew it before i did, might be of her experiences. Funny thing is, she is just one person but really, she is always there for everyone.

There one instructor who thought me to learn from myself. I've learned self confidence and open my mind and heart to a wonderful world.

Just to be honest, I was a bad diver.

Could not relax my brain. I have few panic attacks while diving.

I was afraid of strong current under water. I have even phobia with people around me. Talking to people was difficult. I don't have good relationship towards people, animals are easier. Language was my problem too. I'm better in German than English but, I know that it's better to take exams in English than in my language German.

I still can't imagine how they have helped with all those problems I have had. I can't imagine that I have changed so much. I've stop panicking, I could give briefing and talk to people. I don't think too much while diving, my mind is relaxed. I've done even my exam in English.

My English have improved a lot. I've learned to understand some water currents.

Many thought I couldn't finish my course and I am one of those but, I did it. With a lot of support from Scuba Cat staff specially the boss. She believed that i could make it. I have experience that Scuba Cat is like a big scuba-family.

Once I was sick, mama Sonia, who has great rooms for rent just next to the dive centre, was taking care of me. She cook for me some rice soup, same like my mama does when I'm sick. I'm very thankful for all those people. I've learned a lot about scuba diving much more from experience then the books. I have learned about self control.

Thank you Sarah for not giving me up. You always have trust on me, even though I didn't trust me all the time. I was very happy at end of my course. I'm very happy to experience also diving with kids and handicapped divers. I'm happy that I have chosen SCUBACAT. It's a great 5star dive-centre that can offer a lot of different activities.

>> "Just a (formal) 'Thank You'"
Steve Antcliffe

Hi Sarah, just a (formal) 'Thank You' to you and staff at Scubacat for my education as Divemaster. I don't think I could have had better tuition and experience and am pleased that I chose Scubacat for my course. We have not settled, mainly due to the freezing weather; 7 degrees outside this afternoon, and having to drive/shop/face reality in Elaine's case and go back to work. But it is early days... Once again many thanks.

>> "My thanks to the Staff and crew"

Hi Sarah sorry its took so long to get in touch. I wanted to post a comment to put on the web blog but dont know how to. If I do it via this email could you post it for me?

I first enrolled with Scuba Cat Diving Company for the December 2011 IDC. Due to a family bereavement I wasn't ready for the IE. I had to return to England. When I got back to Phuket both Sarah and Sean were brilliant. It took time for me to build up the confidence to enter for the exams. They showed patience and understanding.

I took my time both in the practical and theory exams but they never gave up on me. Thanks to their professional effort and their support I finally did it. I am now an OWSI. Also thanks must go to Big Vince who gave me a full 'refresher' Divemaster course in which I went through all the water based skills as well as refreshing the theory side of things. That was Sarah's idea which paid off when I took my Instructor Exams. My thanks also must go to the Staff and crew at Scuba Cats,they made me feel part of the team. I will certainly miss that. I would fully recommend Scuba Cats for anyone thinking of taking an Internship programme.

On a personal note,thank you Sarah for everything. Couldnt have done it without you. You never gave up on me and that means a lot. Good luck for the future