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Scubacat-idc FAQ

Being safe in the knowledge that you have selected the right PADI Course Director is essential to being confident in the water after getting fantastic experience under your belt – it sets you up perfectly for a dream career that you can carry out in confidence.

Here at Scubacat-idc,  Gold PADI Course Director, Sarah Kench carries out PADI IDC training that will takes you through the same processes that she took herself. That's why she understand's how hard it is to make certain decisions when it comes to courses, training  and employment.

Sarah help's you become employable once you have completed your PADI IDC Instructor Exam (IE) and to turn you into a professional PADI Instructor who is not just confident, but completely competent.

Sarah is commonly asked questions relating to PADI IDC's. Here are some of the sensible questions that you should ask before enrolling on a course at any Scuba training center:

Scubacat-idc – Costs

Why are you not the cheapest PADI IDC ?

Sarah doesn't need to sell herself as the cheapest, she simply carry's high quality training whose Instructor conversion rate is superior to any other facility in the area. This doesnt mean she has a 100% pass guarantee, why would she, if you can work with her to be a great Instructor you will be.

If she was cheaper, she would have to remove parts of the IDC which would give her candidates a complete lack of experience – she give's you knowledge, experience, time, safety, quality staff, which one would you possibly want her to remove to make the courses cheaper?

She simply can't remove parts of the IDC because she would not be providing her candidates with the exact knowledge and experience that they need to become competent instructors.

All of her training leads you to a qualification. If you believe that you should be able to simply buy that qualification, without the information or knowledge needed to carry out your Instructor duties safely and responsibly, she cannot help.

If you are committed to spending time, hard work and energy earning a respectable qualification then Sarah can help.

She will best prepare you for your role within the industry, and of course for the IE. See our Testimonials.

How long is the IDC with you?

The course can be complete either in 12 days (IDC) or two separate sections - the Assistant Instructor and then the OWSI program.

What's included in your PADI IDC?

She simply offer's superior quality training, equipment needed in order to train properly, professional knowledge, experience both in the water and in the classroom, as well as management courses and assistance with preparing to go out and find work. Have a look at our PADI IDC.

What materials do I require?

It is now a PADI standard that you have a complete set of materials. After all, they are the tools of your future trade. Check the Materials List.

Are there any additional costs with the IDC?

Sarah highlight's in the fees section whether there are additional fees to pay or not.

Most additional fees that you may attract are generally paid directly to PADI.

Please click to see a complete list of our fees

What is the accommodation like where I will stay?

Sarah has relationships with several Guesthouses close to the training facility she uses to conduct her IDC's. The accommodation is your own for the duration of your course; you do not share it with another candidate. These rooms are clean rooms with en suite bathroom and shower rooms and air conditioning as standard.

What preparation do I need to do?

Sarah's advice is also to practise your skill circuit, and revise your theory, in particular Physics, Physiology, Equipment, Skill & Environment and RDP using the knowledge workbook and practising on the Divemaster exams on these topics. Take a look at the PADI IDC Preperation details.

Who carries out the IDC training?

Sarah will always be present and perform the full IDC training and OWSI training programs.

PADI Staff Instructors may conduct the AI section of the course.

Can I get help before I enrol or take part in the IDC?

Sarah are always on hand to assist. Whether you have just one question, or would like to discuss finer details with her she is contactable by email, telephone or skype to talk to you about your wishes, 7 days a week and all year round.

Will you be around during the IDC and IE?

Yes. During your program Sarah will always be on hand to assist you with any element of your training, your exams or anything Scuba.

She will stay with you all of the time you are training, because she is passionate about helping her candidates as much as we can so that you achieve your goals.

Do I need a good level of health and fitness to do the IDC?

Sarah does need to see a current medical form that has been produced and signed by a Doctor within the last year, as evidence of your current state of health. She does expect all of our candidates to be dive fit.

What qualifications do I need to attend an IDC?

You will need to be a Divemaster in order to attend either an Assistant Instructor (AI) Course or an Instructor Development Course (IDC). If you wish to attend an Open Water Scuba Instructor Course (IDC), you will need to be an AI. You will need to hold a current CPR and First Aid qualification.

My existing certifications are not with PADI can I still become a PADI Professional?


  • BSAC Dive leader may start with a PADI Divemaster course
  • BSAC Advanced Diver may start with a PADI Divemaster Course or PADI IDC
  • BSAC Club Instructor may start with a PADI IDC
  • BSAC Open Water Instructor may start with a PADI IDC
  • BSAC Advanced Instructor may start with a PADI IDC


  • CMAS 3 Star Diver may start with a PADI Divemaster Course or PADI IDC
  • CMAS 1 Star Instructor may start with a PADI IDC
  • CMAS 2 Star Instructor may start with a PADI IDC


  • SSI Dive Con may start with a PADI Divemaster Course
  • SSI OW / Dive Con Instructor may start with a PADI IDC so long as they have been an instructor for a minimum of 6 months


  • NAUI Divemaster may start a PADI Divemaster Course
  • NAUI Scuba Instructor may start a PADI IDC

Am I able to cross over my existing qualifications from other organisations?

If you are planning on taking the IDC Sarah welcome's you, regardless of the qualifications you have gained from other organisations.

Crossing over to a PADI course will vary depending on the qualification/s, however the majority of candidates will be expected to carry out the IDC and IE regardless of current levels of experience.

All of the PADI dive theory is taught at DM level, according to the PADI system, so you will be required to familiarise yourself with the Divemaster methods prior to proceeding with the IDC. We recommend PADI elearning as a good educational tool.

What if I can't complete the whole program?

If you have been unable to complete the program or achieve the ideal performance levels required to succeed in the course, Sarah will help you with the course schedule where possible.

Can I take the OWSI program if I was trained as an AI on the old PADI program?

Yes. However, Sarah will assess candidates individually according to the PADI requirements. You may be asked to attend the whole course regardless of your previous certification or training.

How long will I have to wait for my IE?

Once you have completed the IDC you will have up to 12 months to prepare for your IE.

After this time you will be required to repeat training, so Sarah does recommend you take the IE as quickly as possible. We can supply a list of centers across the world where you can do this.

What if I fail the IE?

Sarah is dedicated and committed to giving all candidates extra training where necessary. PADI does set out how much training and dives are necessary to complete a section of the IDC, however she will give more because we want you to succeed.

With her professional preparation and expert training, your instructor development should set you on the right course to pass your IE.

Remedial work or a further IDC will be free of charge should you not succeed the first time around.

Whilst she understand's it is possible to fail, she will help you learn as much as you can. However, Sarah cannot guarantee that any candidate will pass – she will help you to learn but cannot make you pass.

Are there work placement opportunities?

Yes. Sarah always look out for exceptional candidates. Where she see talent, skill and real commitment she will consider you for work within one of the many diving facilities she has connections with. A work permit may be required depending on your country of interest.

Candidates will always be helped when it comes to building a resume, so if you want to go on to another country or another resort to work Sarah can set you up for that too.

I'm a qualified instructor, what types of professional development courses can you provide?

Sarah offer's the full range of PADI Professional Courses, PADI IDC Staff,  PADI Specialties and Emergency First Response Instructor Courses.

She is always happy to train you if you are choosing to cross over from another organisation and will always assist as much as possible as far as continuing your education is concerned.

Sarah is a DDI (Disabled Divers International) Instructor Trainer.