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Reasons to Choose Scubacat-IDC

Sarah Kench is from the UK, you can expect very high standards and safety in everything she does and an instructional team with over 40 years of experience between them.

Nothing substitutes this when it comes to diving.

We offer every IDC in English, if you require other languages no problem, language assistance is available.

There is usually a maximum of four IDC candidates per course, allowing each to receive individual attention.

By taking your IDC with us, you will:

Become Highly Employable.

Being able to keep guests, staff and a dive center working smoothly is a big ask. If you can deliver this along with conducting a high standard of programs and courses and planning and promoting courses and training, you will be a desirable candidate to future employers – making it easier for you to find work.

We have been training divers from around the world for many years, turning out world-class instructors who have gone on to teach in every corner of the globe and many had their first diving job through us in Asia.

Being able to get involved by using your knowledge and experience, and managing a dive center well can mean that you have the perfect skills to go on to teach courses of your own.

We invite you to gain that type of experience by shadowing our training staff and instructors whilst they teach PADI courses – we believe the best way to learn is be getting hands on experience in a real diver training center.

You are investing in in your future, not only to pass a test. The real challenge takes place in the field after the IE. That's the kind of reality our program is designed to prepare you for.

Scuba Cat IDC Diving


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