Scuba Cat IDC



Scubacat PADI IDC

The minimum requirement for a PADI IDC is 7 days.

Sarah Kench has extended her IDC to 12 days, which includes a number of different workshops that are conducted either in a confined area (swimming pool) or in open water training dives.

She  also include extra presentations in confined water (at least 4 extras) and 4 open water training dives, this gets you very well prepared for your PADI Instructor Exam.

She also organizes workshops in the classroom to enhance your overall learning experience, and ensure that she is consistently helping you with developing your knowledge and your skill.

Sarah continuously assesses and evaluates you during the 12 day process to make sure she helps you as much as possible so that you are successful in your PADI IE, and the most important part of the assessments are to ensure you are successful and confident in your career as an PADI Instructor.

Her award winning program covers twice as much water work as is required by PADI standards & much more than other IDC Centres.

Also included in the PADI IDC are additional skill development workshops to sharpen and fine tune your in-water skills.

Extra training dives and workshops in your PADI IDC:

PADI requires 2 open water training dives. Here at Scuba Cat we will do 4, and we will add in 2 extra workshop dives.

In confined water, PADI requires 4 confined water presentations. With the Scuba Cat training, you will perform at least 6.


in open water for:

Open Water

  • Ascents
  • Descents
  • CESAs

Adventures in Diving

  • Hovering – 1 min
  • Tie the sheetbend, bowline, two half hitches
  • Rig and lift an object to the surface
  • Efficient Fin Kicks
  • Position a compass to maintain an accurate heading whilst swimming
  • Underwater reciprocal heading

Rescue Diver

  • Self Rescue Cramp release- Surface
  • Rescue course Exercise 2
  • Approach with a quick reverse to stay out of a panic divers grasp.
  • Rescue Course Exercise 4.1
  • Correctly identify and respond to diver simulating overexertion underwater
  • Rescue Diver 4.1
  • Correctly Identify and resound to a diver simulating overexertion u/w

In confined water:

  • Skills Workshop
  • Rescue
  • CESA

In Classroom:

  • Workshop on planning courses in different areas of the world.

At the end of the IDC, we have added 2 remedial days just before your PADI IE, during these 2 days, you will practice:

  • Confined Water Presentation
  • Open Water Presentation
  • Divemaster and Standards exams

We do this because we are a fully committed team who want our candidates to be confident and successful.

Your Scubacat-IDC (Assistant Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor) includes all of the following:

  • Accommodation during your PADI IDC, EFRI and PADI IE. (14 nights in an air-conditioned single occupancy room)
  • A well-tested and success-proven IDC program with an outstanding IE passing rate.
  • eLearning and eRDP Multi Level orientation.
  • 2 IE preparation days where you'll be doing a Mock IE similar to the actual IE.
  • Visa Assistance for all our candidates
  • Computerised classroom for PADI IDC.
  • Language supports
  • Access to your PADI Course Director and IDC team for support throughout the IE.
  • Unique job placement service
  • PADI IE Pass Guarantee
  • Graduation party


  • FREE diving day trips before PADI IDC (10 dives/week, up to 20 dives max)
  • FREE use of diving equipment for the duration of the IDC/IE
  • FREE Wireless access at the facility (classrooms and lounge)
  • FREE usage of our PADI library and all PADI DVDs.
  • FREE EFR refresher course if needed or not current within the last 2 years. (PADI certification fees not included)
  • FREE EFR Instructor Course (PADI fees/materials not included)


FREE PADI Nitrox Instructor (PADI fees/materials not included

  • FREE PADI Oxygen Instructor course (PADI fees/materials not included)
  • when you book on-line and pay in full at least 1 month in advance.
  • FREE Scubacat-IDC VIP Card:
  • 10 % off all local dive trips and liveaboards
  • Up to 20 % off the list price on diving equipment (all major brands) and PADI materials

Price: 47,700 THB